About Us

SmoothCoat has a track record of more than twenty three years, being tried and tested against international standards and has met with the most stringent technical regulations and application requirements in countries such as Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America.

A hard wearing overlay/micro screed system which can be used on floors and walls, for both internal and external applications, SmoothCoat has been extensively used in the commercial, retail and domestic arenas and has successfully withstood the harsh climatic extremes in these countries. Being ideally suited to the South African climate, it was decided to introduce a uniquely different and individualistic overlay alternative into a South African market that had become stagnant, due to the lack of new innovative products.

By the late 1990’s the newly established company, Afristone Decorative Concrete, started trading and importing a cementitious overlay system from New Zealand for decorative flooring applications, not yet available in South Africa.

In 2002, its New Zealand business associate returned to South Africa as a business partner (now retired) who had undertaken extensive technical training and hands-on application for three years. Afristone Decorative Concrete became a registered entity.

By mid-2003, market awareness and demand for cementitious overlays / micro screeds had increased to such an extent, that a decision was reached to purchase the formulae and distribution rights and to start manufacturing in South Africa.

With the success of the more frequent requests were made for a floor with a smoother finish, and with this mind, Afristone Decorative Concrete introduced SmoothCoat to its clients.

SmoothCoat is a truly “proudly South African” product that is being manufactured in South Africa using only the highest quality materials sourced locally in it's production. The Smoothcoat product is guaranteed from bag to bag within a single produced batch lot.