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arshawebطراحی سایتسفارش سئوپارتیشنpartition2jedare.comarshapartition.comپارتیشنهاست پربازدید
arshawebطراحی سایتسفارش سئوپارتیشنpartition2jedare.comarshapartition.comپارتیشنهاست پربازدید

Resin Floors

Resin floors are either known as Epoxy or Urethane Flooring Systems and offer a seamless solution for domestic applications, retail and commercial interiors and for industrial purposes.

A resin floor is a plastic type surface that is created by mixing a selection of ingredients to initiate a fast and controlled chemical reaction. This chemical reaction creates a highly durable finish that is abrasion resistant and provides outstanding resistance to corrosive chemicals and heat as it exhibits excellent dimensional stability and toughness.

Ideal for residential areas, a resin floor is resilient yet comfortable for families with children and pets and is available in a selection of colours to suit your interior. A further key benefit of resin floors is its ability to adapt to a room’s temperature, providing a comfortable ground to walk and play on. You can even add more luxury and comfort by combining a resin floor with Underfloor heating systems.

Resin floors are also perfect multipurpose solutions to high durability demands and provide many flooring solutions for office, retail, commercial and industrial usage as they are ideal for areas of high traffic and will meet the high demands of load bearing machinery and equipment. Resistant to the wear of chemicals, liquids, moisture, heat and cold specialist applications are available for specific industries such as the food and biochemical industries including production halls, workplaces and warehouses.

The customization of resin floors is only bound by your imagination and may include the addition of company and business logos, vinyl designs and pictures and stainless steel or aluminium emblems, etc. A huge range of finishes are possible using resin based systems from colour choice to the addition of coloured quartz, and decorative flake systems including natural and dyed aggregates

An anti-slip surface can be achieved by adding graded aggregates within the base layer, different properties can be produced by the size and or coverage rates ensuring the best choice for wet or greasy floors can be achieved.

Why specify a resin floor?

The benefits of resin flooring systems are many, however an important consideration should also be risk damage or wear to unprotected concrete and cementitious floors from marks, stain, spills and chemicals. Other benefits of Resin Flooring

  • Decorative applications for residential, retail and commercial usage, demarcation lines
  • Durable and hard wearing floor treatment
  • Good Chemical, oil, grease and water resistance
  • Hygienic - food production
  • Seamless resin floors provide an impervious barrier.
  • Its properties ensure it should not taint and can be pressure washed (check product specifications)
  • Resin is also resistant to most cleaning products – easy to clean
  • Pet Friendly
  • Hypoallergenic